In this article I will tell you more about the structure of my patterns.

All my patterns have the same design. Parts that are necessarily in the patterns: materials, knitting/crocheting density, abbreviations, required skills, difficulty levels, description, photos of the process. Some patterns may include diagrams and drawings. Sometimes a video is additionally attached to the pattern to explain difficult points.

Let's talk about some parts in more detail.


This includes a list of the necessary yarn (yarn title, composition, weight, length), tools (crocheting hook or knitting needles, scissors, needles for sewing together clothing items), additional materials (buttons, beads, lace, wire, etc.).

Knitting/crocheting density

When specifying yarn, I always indicate the density of knitting. To make your product the same as mine, before knitting, knit a small sample of a simple one.

I will tell you how to calculate the knitting density in a separate article.

Difficulty level

In total, I have 4 difficulty levels - beginner, easy, intermediate, advanced. In patterns, I designate them with asterisks. 

Most of my patterns are easy. To do this, it is enough to be able to knit or crochet the main loops and understand the designations of the loops. In intermediate level patterns, there are patterns that are different from the straight linen.

More details about difficulty levels will be in a separate article.

Required skills

List of what you need to know. For example, when crocheting, you need to be able to crochet chains, single crochets, double crochets, etc.


Abbreviations are always used in patterns, for example, sc - single crochet. Before starting the main description, I give a decoding of all the designations.

I will write a list of all the designations in a separate article of this blog.


All my patterns necessarily include an row-by-row description. Advanced patterns may not contain an row-by-row description, they are designed for those who know how to knit/crochet according to diagrams.


My patterns always include photos of the process. I spend a lot of time making them. I try to take a lot of photos so that it is exactly clear how to knit and how to assemble the product.


I am the author of all my patterns, text and photos. You can use the patterns for personal use. Copying and resale is prohibited. I remind about this in each of my patterns.


At the end of the patterns, I indicate links to my resources on the Internet:

You can always write to me in any way if you have any questions or difficulties when reading the pattern. I am always happy to help you with your questions. If required, I can make a separate video to answer your question.


Finally, read what Etsy buyers write about my patterns: