Each pattern has its own list of materials. This includes a list of the necessary yarn (name, composition), tools (crocheting hook or knitting needles, scissors, needles), additional materials (buttons, beads, lace, wire, etc.).


Thick yarn is not always suitable for doll clothes. The thinner the yarn, the more beautiful the finished product will turn out. However, the thinner the yarn, the more difficult and longer it takes to knit the product.

The choice of yarn is large, in one article it will not be possible to describe all varieties. Therefore, I will write only briefly.

For summer clothes, it is best to use cotton yarn. I often use Turkish-made YarnArt Canaries or Polish-made Atlasek 30 Ariadna. In addition, you can take bobbin threads (threads for sewing).

You can take thicker threads and separate them into separate threads. For example, mouline or Gazzal Baby Cotton. The thread from the store consists of several threads. For the product, you may need one thread or several.

For winter warm clothes, the choice of threads is also greater. You can use wool, half-wool, acrylic, thin mohair. I will not describe such yarn in detail, but if you are interested in something, you can ask in the comments.

Often in my patterns I indicate how many meters of thread are needed for the product. This is convenient if the product is small and you do not want to buy a large bobbin of yarn, but want to use something from the available stocks. For example, a hat needs 13 meters.

Knitting needles

My favorite size for knitting doll clothes is 1.25 mm. These are the knitting needles of the Indian manufacturer Pony. Sometimes I use 2mm needles and others.

My knitting needles
My knitting needles

Crochet hooks

I love crochet more than knitting, so I have a lot of crochet hooks. Most often I use a size of 0.75 mm. At the same time, hooks of different manufacturers differ in size. The 0.75 Clover hook is different from the 0.75 Pony hook.

In addition to the 0.75 mm hook, I have others - 0.9 mm, 1 mm, 1.25 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm. These are the main sizes that can be used to knit doll clothes. For delicate lace underwear, I sometimes use 0.5 mm, but for such products I do not write patterns.

My crochet hooks
My crochet hooks

Additional materials and tools

Scissors are always needed for work. Although this is obvious, I still write it in patterns.

Still need needles. I use several different ones. There is a needle for threading the tip of the thread, there is a needle for stitching products, there is a beading needle for sewing on mini buttons (3 mm) or beads.

Usually the product has a clasp. I love mini buttons. These can be 4 mm or 3 mm buttons. In addition, you can use beads with two holes.

Small buttons for doll clothes
Small buttons for doll clothes

There may be other additional materials in the patterns, for example, elastic thread, wire. All this I must specify in the patterns.