Hello to everyone! I started this blog. Again :-)

To be honest, I started this blog a few years ago. Here I posted information about some of my patterns. Now I have torn off almost all past posts and will make new ones.

I want to post here useful information for my customers - explanations of my patterns, information about yarn, tools, designations of loops, etc.

My old blogs:



I had many different hobbies before dolls - knitting animal hats for children, knitting for adults, macrame, tatting and more. It's on my old blog. I worked on it in 2015-2018.

Gifts for yachtsmen


Gift ideas for yachtsmen, yachtsmen and anyone involved in yachting or the sea. On the site: yacht decor, marine style, souvenirs for yachtsmen, gifts of a marine theme, a gift for a man to a yachtsman, the best gift for a yachtsman, making gifts to order. I'm just gathering ideas here.

These blogs are still in existence. But I don't do them anymore.